Meet the Darlinghurst Dental Team

Our team at Darlinghurst Dental are here to help. Here you can find out more about our team and we look forward to welcoming you as a patient at Darlinghurst Dental.
Dr Frank Farrelly, Principal Dentist

Dr Frank Farrelly - Principal Dentist

Dr Rebecca O Sullivan - Dentist

Dr Rebecca O Sullivan - Dentist

Dr Dominique Abela, Dentist

Dr Dominique Abela - Dentist

Dr Safa Al-Shafi - Dentist

Mr Darius Rohanian - OHT

Shannon - Practice Manager

Shannon - Practice Manager

Rachel - dental receptionist

Rachel - Receptionist

Margaret - Receptionist

Megan - Dental Assistant

Leidy - Dental Assistant

Gail - Dental Assistant

Shirley - Dental Assistant