Dr Frank Farrelly – Principal Dentist

FrankFrank is the Principal Dentist and co-owner of Darlinghurst Dental, a modern dental practice in the heart of Darlinghurst. We offer a full service dental practice, with a high emphasis on delivering evidence based treatments with outstanding customer service. We use the latest technologies to improve speed, accuracy and long term prognosis. This ensures that you get the best possible outcome from your dental treatment and that it easy, convenient and comfortable for you.

Frank takes a thorough and measured approach to all dental treatment and dental assessment. This ensures nothing is missed and that there is no rushing treatments. It may take a little longer, but is less stressful for the patient and leads to better dental outcomes. Dental treatment is often confusing, so it is important to have a thorough discussion about all treatment options. Most dental problems are avoidable and often we can do damage to our teeth without even knowing. Instead of just treating problems with your teeth, Frank thinks it is hugely important to get to the root cause of the problem in the first place, so as to avoid future unnecessary dental treatment. Some simple lifestyle changes can mean the world of difference to your dental health.

Frank has worked as a general dentist in a number of different practices and has worked in both small and large practices in Australia and both private and NHS in the UK. The different types of practice offer a different challenge in terms of treatment provision, but as with any healthcare provision, the most important factor is to be able to work in a team approach, taking the patients’ needs into consideration to deliver a high level of customer service. Darlinghurst Dental gives superior customer service to our dental patients.

Frank enjoys the many varied dining experiences available in Darlinghurst, where he lives. The local music acts and proximity to excellent venues are a constant source of enjoyment. If you have any music that you want to share, let him know and he will endeavour to play it while you attend your dentist appointment. Having comforting music can make your dental visit a more positive experience.

General Dentist

Trained as a General dentist, Frank takes an interest in orthodontics and specifically Invisalign and restoration of implants. He continues his education and training in these areas, currently studying a postgraduate diploma in digital orthodontics. He prefers variety though and does not intend to be an orthodontist, which would require specialist training.

Frank is great at working with children due to his vast experience when working under NHS in UK. Frank  carries out all general treatments, such as periodontal treatment, restorative dental treatment, endodontics (root canal treatment) and minor oral surgery (extractions).