Darlinghurst Dental – Pricing and Dentist Costs for Dental treatment

Darlinghurst Dental is fully aware that in some situations dental treatment can be expensive. We firmly believe that regular check-ups and excellent oral hygiene is key to avoiding expensive visits to the dentist so you can maintain a natural healthy smile. We will discuss with you all options in relation to your treatment so there are no surprises or hidden costs. We list our fees publicly to help you plan for any costs and because we believe in openness and clarity.

We offer electronic health fund claiming through HICAPS so any health fund benefits are claimed immediately. All prices are listed are full price, prior to any health fund rebate, as this may vary depending on your dental benefits provider or your dental policy. Some health funds allow us to determine dental rebates prior to payment, but we can only do this with your card. This is called electronic quotation. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you. Even if your fund does not participate, we will give you a plan with all the costs and item numbers so you can check the costs and your health fund rebate with them by phone.

How much does a dental clean of my teeth cost ?

A dental examination or check up with a scale and polish, to clean the teeth, and fluoride treatment, to strengthen your teeth, is $230. With dental xrays or photos this will be higher. Your dentist will recommend whether you should have xrays at your examination appointment and what they are for. You are under no obligation to have any treatment or investigation. Check our offers page for current deals.

All fees are listed prior to any dental benefits from a health fund, so if you have dental cover, your out of pocket expense should be less. The item numbers to check your cover are listed below, but usually 011, 114 and 121 are the item numbers for a dental check and clean with fluoride if it is your first visit to the dental practice. For a check up if you have attended our practice in the last 12 months, item 012 is used rather than 011. We know the item numbers can be confusing, but our dentists and dental receptionist are more than happy to guide you through the system.

Our Dental Fees:

Please note these commonly claimed item prices are indicative only and do not take into account offers/discounts or your personal circumstances. You can be provided a written quotation of all applicable dental fees prior to any treatment being commenced, however, consultation and investigations are usually necessary to do this. If you already have a quote from another dentist, feel free to compare, but remember there may be differences in the methods and item numbers used. We are happy to price match like for like, where possible. For more information on our current offers/discounts, please join our mailing list and see our current offers.

011Comprehensive oral examination73
012Periodic oral examination68
022Small x-ray44
037Panoramic radiograph (OPG)118
114Scaling and polishing131
121Fluoride treatment30
415, 417, 458Root canal – one canal695
415, 416, 417, 418, 458Root canal – two canals895
415, 416, 417, 418, 458Root canal – three canals1200
415, 416, 417, 418, 458Root canal – four canals1400
521Adhesive restoration – 1 surface (anterior)180-200
522Adhesive restoration – 2 surfaces (anterior)190-240
523Adhesive restoration – 3 surfaces (anterior)200-260
524Adhesive restoration – 4 surfaces (anterior)240-280
525Adhesive restoration – 5 surfaces (anterior)250-300
531Adhesive restoration – 1 surface (posterior)180-210
532Adhesive restoration – 2 surfaces (posterior)200-250
533Adhesive restoration – 3 surfaces (posterior)240-280
534Adhesive restoration – 4 surfaces (posterior)265-305
535Adhesive restoration – 5 surfaces (posterior)300-350
613Full crown non-metallic1750
615Full crown veneered1750
825Sequential plastic aligners5,000 - 8,000
115Removal of calculus - subsequent appointment195
118In chair Philips Zoom teeth whitening650-750
119, 926Take home whitening custom trays400