Using environmentally friendly products at Darlinghurst Dental

Bio Protect Products

Environmentally friendly products from Bio Protect

Darlinghurst Dental has always tried to minimise our footprint by using environmentally friendly material. Our latest initiative is to use environmentally friendly products made from degradable plastic. Plastic barriers have become widely used in dental practice and the health industry to assist with infection control. They are an effective way of protecting equipment and surfaces to prevent cross infection, minimising the use of surface detergents and disinfectants. Darlinghurst Dental has moved to use the degradable plastic products from Bio Protect who provide our patient water cups and bibs. Better for patients and better for the environment.

As Bio Protect states:

“In our experiences, the only disadvantage to the use of barriers is the amount of plastic used and thrown out into landfill. This is a concern voiced frequently by many practitioners and staff, so we have sourced a manufacturer to make barriers from a more environmentally friendly material. Our products are plastic with TDPA’s (Totally Degradable Plastic Additives) added. TDPA’s accelerate the break down process, once in landfill. The product breaks down within 1 – 2 years as opposed to 100 – 1000 years. Our barriers have the same look and durability as other plastic barriers used, whilst being less expensive and much better for the environment.”

We are aways looking for new ways to minimise the impact on the environment without sacrificing patient safety or care and will provide further updates on new initiatives.

For more information about degradable plastics from Bio Protect – click here.