Cross Infection Control. Learn how a dentist drill is sterilised at Darlinghurst Dental.

You may have wondered if it safe to have dental treatment? With modern sterilisation techniques, you can be rest assured all equipment is clean and safe. At Darlinghurst Dental we have the highest possible infection control standards. Where possible, dental equipment and materials are single use, so it is not shared between other patients. For other materials and equipment, it is thoroughly cleaned and sterilised between each patient. This ensures that any nasty bugs are completely killed and so it is safe for use on another patient.

There is no requirement to use a thermal disinfector, or to track all instruments, but at Darlinghurst Dental, we put your safety first and take extra steps to ensure you have the safest treatment possible. All our staff receive training in cross infection techniques. All our dental equipment is checked and tracked, so you can know it is safe to use. We leave the equipment closed and covered before you enter the room, so you can know that it is freshly opened, especially for you.