Teeth Whitening – Improve the colour of your teeth

Teeth Whitening improves the colour of your teeth. There are multiple methods to do this. In a healthy mouth, teeth whitening is thought to be safe, but it can cause some tooth sensitivity. This can be managed, but it is best to manage prior to teeth whitening as existing sensitivity will likely worsen. A free consultation allows you to discover which teeth whitening method will work best for you. Check our special offers page to find out when we run promotions on teeth whitening and other offers.

In Chair Teeth Whitening – Philips Zoom! Whitening with WhiteSpeed

In chair teeth whitening involves using higher strength whitening agents under the supervision of a dentist. Your gums are protected and then whitening agent is applied to your teeth. An activation light is applied to your teeth to ensure penetration and activation of the whitening agent. This process takes approximately one hour in the chair. Darlinghurst Dental uses the Philips Zoom Whitening system. In office whitening is faster, giving profound results, but can result in more sensitivity. For this reason, we give you a take home kit afterwards to help to manage this sensitivity. If you already have severe sensitivity, you may want to consider a slower alternative.

We offer an in chair package which includes a take home kit to maintain the whiter brighter smile over time. You can use this for both topping up the whitening over time and to apply the desensitising agents.

Best for: Quick profound results for those with minimum sensitivity, looking for the Wow factor.

Cost: $750 with take home trays, $650 without take home trays.

Take Home Whitening Custom Kit – Philips Zoom!

Take home whitening works best with a custom tray. Your dentist takes an impression, or mould, of your teeth. A custom guard is constructed to hold the whitening gel. You apply the gel to the guard at home every day or night for a few weeks to whiten your teeth. As this is a slower version, there is less sensitivity, but it is more time consuming and cumbersome. There are different doses of whitening agent and there are slow and fast release formulations so you can use it daytime or night time. Your dentist will discuss which formulation will work best for you. At Darlinghurst Dental, we have our own in-house laboratory to manufacture your custom trays to ensure a quick and convenient process of days, rather than weeks at other practices.

With the take home kit, you can keep the trays for future use. Over time your teeth will build up stains again and our teeth naturally get darker with age. Simply topping up with some gel for a few days is sufficient and cost effective to maintain your new brighter whiter smile.

Best for: Great results, but slower application makes it suitable for those at risk of sensitivity.

Cost: $400 including 3 weeks supply of whitening agent.

Take Home Whitening without custom trays

This option uses prefabricated trays which come pre-loaded with whitening agent. You simply purchase and wear yourself at home. After use, the tray is disposable. There is no need for impressions of your teeth or a dentist visit, however, best results for all whitening is after a check up and clean to remove any build up on your teeth. We offer the Opalescence Go whitening trays, which you can purchase from our reception desk. No dental appointment needed.

Best for: Least hassle, good results.

Cost$150 for 10 trays.