Emergency Dental Treatment Under Covid 19 Restrictions

During this period of time we are under government restrictions due to COVID-19 and so our regular hours and treatment have been affected. We are still open daily, but opening hours have been reduced. Phones and emails are monitored as normal, but may be screened for urgency.

We are currently under Level 3 restrictions on Dental Treatment, which means we are only allowed to treat patients that are considered an emergency or urgent case. We require each patient who wishes to be considered for an emergency appointment to attend a virtual consultation with one of our dentists beforehand and on a case by case basis we are able to manage the following issues:

  • Acute dental pain that requires root canal treatment or extraction
  • Significant damage to upper front teeth due to trauma
  • Soft tissue pathology eg. ulcer, present for over 3 weeks
  • A patient who is medically compromised and has dental concerns that may compromise their systemic disease
  • Higher risk cases of rapid progression of dental disease
  • Patients referred by a medical practitioner for medically necessary dental treatment

These above cases are more likley to end up in hospital and so that is why you can still be seennby us. Current dental restrictions are designed to keep people out of hospital, and prevent spread.

Under restrictions we are unable to see patients in person for the following treatment, however a virtual consult is possible:

  • Check and clean
  • Extractions of asymptomatic teeth without swelling
  • Broken and/or chipped teeth
  • Bleeding or sore gums
  • Loose teeth that are not an aspiration risk
  • Denture concerns
  • Crowns, bridges or inlays/onlays
  • Clicking, grating in jaw joint or sore jaw

Please feel free to contact us via phone or email if you have any questions or concerns about the above information. We will aim to respond as quickly as possible, taking into consideration our altered opening hours.


I have broken my tooth, is this considered an emergency? Unfortunately, broken teeth are not considered an emergency under the government standards and we will have to delay treatment for this issue. If you are in pain from a broken tooth, please contact us and we will review on a case by case basis.

I am undergoing treatment that was started before restrictions were put in place, can I still continue this? There are provisions under Level 3 restrictions to complete treatment that has already commenced where there is a significant risk to the patient should treatment not be performed. Clinical judgement will be exercised in determining whether treatment should be undertaken.

My fixed retainer has broken or part has come off, will I be able to get itre-cemented or have a new one made? If the retainer is causing pain and risks damage, we can remove it and scan for a new removable retainer, but if if it is not, we cannot repair it. Rebonding it correctly is not possible at this time.

Why are these restrictions in place? Dental treatment is done at close quarters and it is not possible to social distance. Of particular concern is the aerosol, water spray in a fine droplet mist, that is created by the dental drills, cleaners etc that are a method of transmission of the Covid19 virus. We are restricted to protect our staff who are at elevated risk under normal circumstance and to protect the community at large.

I have a toothach, will I be seen? A toothache may be managed with a temporary fix, or you may be advised to use painkillers only. The dentist will assess you remotely first. If it is deemed that you may be suitable for treatment, they will assess you in the clinic. Treatment may still not be performed or may need referral to a surgeon. Unfortunately, many specialist practices are closed, so options may be limited.

Can anyone who meets the pain criteria attend? Anyone who has been oveerseas in the last 14 days or who has been in contact with a confirmed Covid19 case cannot be seen in our clinic and needs to be seen in specialised centres, through the local health authority. Anyone with flu like sympotms (cough, sore throat, aches, fever) or with diorrhea in the preceding few days will similarly not be seen. Your temperature will be taken on arrival. We are prioritising existing patients, but will make availability for all patients where possible.

Guidelines provided to us state we cannot make any new fixed retainers at this stage and we will not be able to re-cement any loose retainers. We can, however use temporary bond to hold your retainer in place for short term if the retainer is causing pain and irritation. If your fixed retainer has completely come off, on a case by case basis we may be able to make a removable retainer for you to prevent teeth movement until we can make a fixed retainer for you. I have a sore jaw from suspected teeth clenching or grinding, am I able to have an appointment?We can offer a virtual consultation with one of our dentists to discuss symptoms and what you can do to alleviate these however we will most likely not be able tobook you in for an appointment to come into our practice until restrictions are lifted. If you are experiencing significant pain and are concerned, please contact us and we will assess on a case by case basis.