Dr Dominique Abela – Dentist

Having worked in the field of dentistry for over 24 years in areas including Dental Assisting,
Practice Management and as a Dental Clinician for over 8 years, Dr Abela is a highly skilled dentist with extensive knowledge and technical expertise in all aspects of general dentistry. Dedicated to expanding her knowledge and keeping up-to-date with the latest innovations in dental practise, she actively participates in continuous education, seminars and conferences throughout the world.

With a degree in Dentistry and Medical Science in which I achieved first class honours, Dr Abela has received numerous scholarships and accolades throughout my academic career, including the Australian Postgraduate Award, Swedish Institute Scholarship, Australian Dental Research Fund
and the Geoffrey Morse Withycombe Prize for proficiency in clinical periodontics, as well as having taught anatomy at Sydney University.

Passionate in all aspects of dentistry, Dr Abela is particularly interested in cosmetic and paediatric dentistry and I am driven by my commitment to providing the highest possible standards of dental health care.