Custom Sports Mouthguard to Protect From Dental Injuries

A custom made sports mouthguard is the best way to protect your teeth from trauma during contact sports. Trauma to the teeth can cause chips and fractures of the dental enamel, or worse, cause a fracture or avulsion of the tooth (tooth knocked out). A custom guard spreads the loads of any impact across the other teeth and bone, so they can withstand injury. A custom guard is moulded to your individual teeth for greatest force dissipation.

Rainbow striped mouthguard with mouthguard case

Rainbow Mouthguard and case with Darlinghurst Dental Tooth

Custom made sports mouthguards can be made in a range of colours and thickness. We keep a stock of common colours on hand, but we can make special orders if you want a particular colour for your team or sport. Check out the rainbow coloured mouthguard we recently made for a local rugby team in Darlinghurst. This colour combination is not made as standard, so our Australian supplier custom made the colour combination for us. We fabricate the mouthguard in house, so you can get one made quickly if needed.

Our mouthguards are suitable for all contact sports, such as hockey, rugby union, rugby league, AFL etc. For individual sports such as boxing, kickboxing and martial arts, the same principle applies. Make sure to tell us what sport you intend to use it for, as if there is a particular concern, we sometimes make the guard thicker or thinner to match your sport.