COVID-19 – Enhanced Transmissions Precautions at Darlinghurst Dental

The priority at Darlinghurst Dental has been and always will be the health and safety of our patients and staff. The Darlinghurst Dental team have implemented a number of strategies within the practice to meet our priorities.

The main strategy is to only undertake essential emergency treatment and limit the use of aerosol creating equipment. We have also set up our staff into two separate teams. These two teams work on a split week (Monday-Wednesday and Thursday-Saturday) so that we always have an operational clinical team to treat patients. We pre-screen all patients by telephone to ensure those attending the practice are not showing signs or symptoms. On arrival, our staff take the temperature of every person to ensure there is no fever. Each patient will be asked to use a specific mouthwash in the chair prior to treatment. For emergency appointments, all patients will be pre-screened by virtual appointment prior to attending.

It is not possible to social distance when treating patients but we have implemented enhance infection control measures (transmission-based precautions in addition to the usual universal precautions) and the use of personal protection equipment (PPE) helps, but we remain vigilant as healthcare workers.