Augmented reality for kids toothbrush

New toothbrush for kids

Kolibree Magik lets kids play with augmented reality while they brush

AI Toothbrush

There is a new children’s toothbrush on the market which uses augemented reality. French company Kolibree announced at CES 2018 a smart device that uses augmented reality (AR). This makes brushing teeth fun for kids. The device is paired with a motion-tracking app that uses your smartphone’s camera. It comes with a phone stand, so you don’t have to worry about holding up a phone while they brush. Check out the video. Turning Toothbrushing Into a Fun & Educative Game.
Remember when tooth brushing used to be a chore for children? It is now a fun and playful experience, thanks to Kolibree’s interactive educative games!

The best way to enstil good dental hygiene practices for children is about repetition and routine so that the brushing pocess becomes a habit and second nature. Darlinghurst Dental can assist you with advice around children’s dental health.

Some of the games include Go Pirate!, Rabids Smart Brush and an Archeology game. There is also a Smart Brushing Guide: During the game, the Kolibree Smart Guide shows the areas to brush in real-time. When children brush properly and regularly, they earn more coins which allows to progress in the game. During the initial game levels the Smart Guide divides the mouth in 8 zones, while later in the game young players are introduced to 16 key areas.

Magik will launch soon for under $30. That is more than your average toothbrush, but you get the brush, the game and the stand. Also, a much happier child for that price.