Floss Time – Smart Floss Dispenser to Remind You To Floss

One of the most important routines for taking care of your teeth and gums is flossing. Most people don’t start flossing young, so they don’t get in to the habit of daily flossing as an adult. This can lead to plaque build up between the teeth, which can cause gum disease or tooth decay. Flossing can help to remove the plaque from between your teeth. Flossing daily keeps your mouth healthy.

However, creating a habit is hard. We just came across a new product launching on kickstarter that aims to help you create the habit, using gentle reminders. Floss Time is a small gadget that you stick on to your bathroom mirror. A little light, in the shape of a smile or frown, reminds you if it has been over 24 hours since the last time you flossed. A simple push and it then dispenses the correct amount of floss for you to use. This daily reminder then builds your floss habit, so it is an every day experience.


Currently the device is not for sale, but you can pledge to the project and get one delivered later next year. The current cost is US$17 for early pledgers, but it will be $20 soon. Shipping is worldwide, so future floss enthusiasts in Australia are not left out. We are looking at you in particular Darlinghurst and Surry Hills!

We think floss is the gold standard for cleaning between your teeth, but there are other options. Interdental brushes are available which you push in and out between your teeth to clean away the plaque. Some people, that find flossing difficult, find these easier to use. Unfortunately, they may not fit between teeth with tight contacts. Philips also make an airfloss device, which shoots a blast of water or mouthwash between your teeth to help to remove plaque. It is not quite as effective as actual floss, but because non-flossers comply with it better, it is a valid alternative.