Virtual Dental Consult


Virtual Dental Consult for assessment by video during Covid19 restrictions on dental treatment.



Due to Covid19 restrictions, all emergency appointments are pre-screened prior to attending the surgery. The dentist will assess you via video conference software and give advice. If they feel it is suitable, they will advise you to attend the surgery. You may not attend the surgery if you have flu like symptoms, been overseas in the previous 14 days or been in contact with a confirmed Covid 19 case. There are many patients we would like to help but are unable to at this time due these government imposed restricions.

Our Dentists, Oral Health Therapist and Hygienist

Our Dentists, Oral Health Therapist and Hygienist

Please be aware that even if we can treat you, we are limited in what treatments we can offer and these are unlikely to be permanent. The main focus of treatment is to ease severe pain (mild pain should be managed with pain relief), and to keep you out of hospital.